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Say hello to the most popular software for children on the autism spectrum.

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Zac Browser, the most popular software for children with autism, is designed to help them gain knowledge, feel empathy with the emotions of other people and assist with speech development.


Zac runs with a specially designed animated background to enhance the child’s enjoyment and maximize their engagement with the online environment.


Zac includes a huge amount of content discerningly selected specifically for children with autism, minimizing the time they have to spend in frustrating searches.


Zac allows teachers, parents and other caregivers complete control over children’s Internet usage. A dedicated control panel permits to set parameters.


Zac Browser is clear, intuitive and icon-based menu facilitates easy access, allowing children entry to a world of limitless learning and entertainment possibilities.


Zac ensures 100% secure navigation, allowing children the access they need without allowing exploiters access to them; it also protects users by blocking access to illegal or inappropriate websites.


No instructions are provided with Zac. That’s because the program is so easy to operate they’re simply not necessary. For a child with autism this represents the removal of a massive barrier.


Zac auto-updates weekly with new content specially selected for children with autism. This means children will never reach the end of the opportunities and enjoyment Zac can offer.


Zac is widely used in many different learning and social environments: in schools, specialized centers, by individual therapists and in the home.


We guarantee that we will never impose charges, so you have peace of mind in knowing your child will never have to give up Zac for financial reasons.



“Thanks – I now have the new version installed! It really is a great program. In addition to using it with my son, I work a lot in the schools and with other parents and I recommend it all the time.”

Nancy RosenbergPhD, BCBA

“Zac Browser is resourceful in the areas of assessment and treatment to say the least. Where therapeutic use of self is key while working in the autistic spectrum population, the program provides a perfectly safe place to build that rapport with the child. On another front, it is timely. As computers are a mainstay in our culture, ZAC Browser is also a safe skill-building tool for using and/or introducing technology in the lives of these kids.”

Teri Mastroianni OTR/L

“I’m in the military (USAF) in Turkey and was recently at home during a mid tour break. I’ve been away for 5 months and I wanted to say that my son loves Zac Browser and that is has been one of the many tools to help him in his development! My son is so eager to learn and since I was home, he’s been on that thing and been learning how to spell words and say things. He has childhood apraxia and autism, and he’s been doing wonderful. Thank you for your help in my son’s development! ”

Bruce GuntherFather and Military

“My son has always been interested in the computer and the cbeebies website etc. Because he is a visual learner and doesn’t do well with written instructions, he is able to do everything with the ZAC Browser, which gives him plenty of confidence and loads of enjoyments. Thank you so much for Zac Browser!! It has made a massive difference: he no longer throws the computer on the floor in frustration, because now he CAN do it!!!”

Fran McGowanMother

“I have two children with ASD. They both use Zac Browser every day, and because of this they are advancing more rapidly with speech and learning. It also has been a great source of entertainment for both of them. My Aspergers son Andrew is learning to sound out words and even read them thanks to your wonderful application. And my classic autistic boy has learnt to count and sing. Thank you, John, for making our lives richer and fuller. ”

Monica BekkersMother

“I work with differently disabled children both through an early intervention program and my church. I have been an advocate for Zac Browser to both parents of children with autism and teachers in the public school system who works with these wonderful children. My friend, who is a teacher, uses Zac Browser as a reward system in her classroom for good behavior! I look forward to reading all of the tremendous testimonies to this hugely successful program!”

Tina K WilliamsCaregiver

Download and install Zac Browser today and give your child the keys to a safer, more efficient and more enjoyable online world.

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