The Zac Browser story started in 2008 when one of our family members was diagnosed with autism. At the time, the only available tool for young children attending specialized schools was a computer with a general browser and a popular search engine. We were completely shocked by this approach as we knew how risky it could be to let young children with autism navigate the Internet freely.

Our objective became creating a more effective tool for children with autism.  We believed that if we could build a software that provided the best content for children with autism in just 2 clicks and then wrapped it around the most powerful protection against bad content, our mission would be accomplished. Zac (Zone for Autistic Children) Browser was born with that philosophy and became an instant success story, thanks to the media who kindly shared the news with families, schools and associations caring for children with autism. Today, over 8 million children on the autism spectrum are using Zac Browser around the world.

Our Mission

Zac Browser’s mission is to provide the ultimate solution for people with autism and we want to extend this experience to all ages. Our objective is to make this technology available to homes, schools, specialized centers, libraries, daycare centers and even within the work place in as many languages as possible.

The Future of Zac Browser

The Zac Browser X is the beginning of a wonderful journey where we include the public in our development and mission.

The version X is celebrating the 10 years anniversary of Zac Browser. It is now possible to suggest projects and once we have enough votes, we will proceed into the next phase of crowdfunding the solution. After funding, the project is then developed and given to all users for free. Visit our community projects for more details and how you can get involved in making a difference.