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Faites connaissance avec nos concepteurs et créatifs, des passionnés animés par le désir de repousser sans cesse les limite du navigateur Zac. Cette équipe est la partie visible de l’iceberg que forme notre immense groupe de volontaires qui travaillent sans relâche pour améliorer Zac.

John Doe Managing Director
John Doe Managing Director
John Doe Managing Director

There are many opportunities to volunteer with us. Whether you are looking for something casual or something more committed, there is a volunteer role suited to you.

  • Translations: in various languages.
  • Administrative: help with mailings, thank you letters, grant writing.
  • Events: we run events year-round, which require volunteers to keep them running smoothly.
  • Committees: we have several ongoing and adhoc committees that meet during the year.

Whether you want to lend a hand with administrative work, help with event planning, volunteer at an event, or sit on a committee or council, we encourage you to become a volunteer and make a difference with us.