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People first, last, and always

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Meet some of the designers and creatives who are passionate about driving the development of the technology to ever new heights. This team is at the pinnacle of a huge group of volunteers who work tirelessly to make the best it can possibly be.

Zac Browser Team
John CTO
Zac Browser Team
Sylviane Managing Director
Zac Browser Team
Anne-Sophie Managing Director

There are many opportunities to volunteer with us. Whether you are looking for something casual or something more committed, there is a volunteer role suited to you.

  • Translations: in various languages.
  • Administrative: help with mailings, thank you letters, grant writing.
  • Events: we run events year-round, which require volunteers to keep them running smoothly.
  • Committees: we have several ongoing and adhoc committees that meet during the year.

Whether you want to lend a hand with administrative work, help with event planning, volunteer at an event, or sit on a committee or council, we encourage you to become a volunteer and make a difference with us.