October 17, 2020

Zac Browser is KidSAFE Certified

Browser for Children with Autism receives Seal-of-Approval for it's Children-Friendly Content.

Zac Browser – the leading global provider of a web browser for children on the autism spectrum – has received the KidSAFE Seal Program Certificate for its child-friendly content.

The certificate is granted after a rigorous assessment to ensure that Zac Browser’s features, including its educational material, games, user interface, technologies and interactive services, all meet online safety and privacy standards that are age-appropriate.

“With the evolution of technology, nowadays most of the population uses the internet, even children. While data privacy is a concern for everybody, we also have to ensure a safe and easy browsing experience for kids too. We have officially achieved this with the KidSAFE Certificate,” said John LeSieur, founder of Zac Browser.

As a formal member of KidSAFE Seal Program, Zac Browser is now part of the distinguished list of KidSAFE, the largest global directory for children-friendly websites. This list serves as a useful resource to help families, schools, teachers, and caregivers make an informed and safe decision when letting children use the web and engage with online content.

“With the certificate from the independent and certified institution of kidSAFE Seal Program, families can be reassured that their children are using a browser that is a 100% safe to use,” adds Mr LeSieur.

Zac browser, the first web browser for children on the autism spectrum, has become a household name with more than 6 million users worldwide. With its cutting-edge design, it focuses on providing children with autism a fun and simple web browser that stimulates their social and communicational skills.