Zac Browser Beta is now available for PC!

By September 19, 2016Zac Browser
Today is an exciting day with the launch of Zac Browser Beta for PC and we would like to invite you to download this new version for free! We also encourage you to share this news with families, organizations and schools that might benefit from using Zac Browser.
It is also the beginning of a new journey where we are starting something unique in the world of technology and you are invited to join us in making a difference for the autism community.
People on the autism spectrum need to be recognized as an important part of our community.
Technology has proven to be a great ally for people on the autism spectrum and to that end, we want to expand the tools we are offering for free.
Please visit the community projects of Zac Browser where you will find projects that need financial support. 100% of the money collected (minus transaction fees) will go toward the development of projects that matter. Once the target amount has been reached, the tool will be developed and offered for free to the world.  This could not be possible without the generosity of you and other supporters and we thank you for your help!  You can also share ideas on what projects you would like to see developed and if it is voted for by the community, your idea will be included in the community projects!
Please be sure to spread the word because the more tools we create, the better impact we have on the lives of people on the autism spectrum.
Thank you for making a difference and enjoy the new Zac!
Zac Browser Team
Download Zac Browser Beta here:

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