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Thousands of hours of the very best content, with more added every day.

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Content you won’t find anywhere else.

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Users can only ever access content within the defined Zac browser zone, so they are 100% safe.

Content manager

Personalize and customize your Zac browser experience.


Lets you call the shots and set the times Zac can be used.

Providing the best service to the autism community for over a decade.

The latest iteration has numerous add-ons to make the best even better.

Our most powerful version ever.

Explore a world of new add-ons:

  • Parents, teachers and caregivers remain in full control at all times.
  • All content can be switched on and off at will.
  • Set the scheduler to control all user access.
  • Now available on a wider range of devices than ever before.
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Empowering children with autism.

Zac Browser, the most popular software for children with autism, is designed to help them gain knowledge, feel empathy with the emotions of other people and assist with speech development.

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Breaking down barriers.

Zac Browser is clear, intuitive and its icon-based menu facilitates easy access, allowing children entry to a world of limitless learning and entertainment possibilities.

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Brings the autism community together.

The newest version of Zac is uniting the community to choose manage support and create empowering content.


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Some of the world’s largest and most prestigious companies and media outlets have featured the Zac browser, including: