To the Creators of Zac Browser… I would love to take this time and Thank you all for creating the Zac Browser program. My son who is 4 and is Autistic Absolutely loves it. I love the fact that there are so much in variety for him to choose from. My son is the type who learns a lot more with hands on. We actually purchased him his own laptop (nothing big or expensive) just for him to use for his PC time.

I can see him starting to talk a little more, and his eye and hand coordination is slowly increasing with this program. He knows how to turn the laptop on and go straight to the Zac Browser now… All on his own. So he does it all on his own, but we also do parent/child time together with it.

I just wanted to say again, Thank you so much for this wonderful Program. It is nice to see my son start learning and smiling at the same time. Thank You!

Trisha Roberts – Rensselaer, New York.

I just wanna say.. Thanks to Zac Browser our son is learning and actually trying to READ!! i have worked with him relentlessly for 3 years, getting 0 results I might add.. but we discovered the Browser and now he really tries to read. He wont learn from people teachers/therapists/me but he seriously is learning alot from the Browser. I just had to tell you.

Nichole Wilson – Sioux Falls, South Dakota.


My 8 year old autistic son came to me to go on the computer on Sunday. He is non-verbal, so I ask him to point out the first letter of the site he wants to go to on the computer.

He pointed to Z, then A, then C. I thought he meant Zach and Cody from Disney. He started getting a bit frustrated until he pointed out ZAC Browser on the Google line (at the top of the computer). I clicked it and lo and behold, there it was…. Your site is an amazing surprise for us.

Kiernan is very smart and now he has a place to go on the internet that is less complicated for him to maneuver. I want to personally thank you for this gift to our son and others like him. If you don’t know how amazing this is, you will now. We have 6 children, 5 with autism and we cannot always afford to go to sites that charge or buy software.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this surprise on the internet.

Much thanks,
Jeanette O’Donnell


Zac Browser, is resourceful in the areas of assessment and treatment to say the least. Where therapeutic use of self is key while working in the autistic spectrum population, the program provides a perfect safe place to build that rapport with the child. On another front, it is timely. As computers are a mainstay in our culture ZAC Browser is also a safe skill building tool for for using/introducing technology in the lives of these kids.

Teri Mastroianni OTR/L


I’m in the military (USAF) in Turkey. I was recently at home during a mid tour break. I’ve been away for 5 months and i wanted to say that my son loves Zac Browser and has been one of the many tools to help him in his development!

My son is soo eager to learn and since I was home, he’s been on that thing and been learning how to spell words and say things. He has child hood apraxia and autism, he’s been doing wonderful. Thank you for your help in my son’s development! :)

God Bless you and your family.
Bruce Gunther


Thanks – I now have the new version installed! It really is a great program. In addition to using it with my son, I work a lot in the schools and with other parents and I recommend it all the time.

Nancy Rosenberg, PhD, BCBA
Autism Specialist
BCBA Practicum Supervisor
University of Washington


Early this school year (2008-2009), My (then) 6 year old son’s Speech Teacher e-mailed me. She knew that my son was fascinated with the internet, and he’s really good with a mouse, but the fact that he’s an autistic 1st grader makes it VERY hard to find things that are both interesting and age appropriate. I don’t know how many times we went to game/video pages that either frustrated him or horrified us (some of those links…. whew!)

When she told us about the ZAC browser, I figured we’d give it a try and he’d be frustrated again… I was so pleasantly surprised. I love the opening with the fish… That caught Jonah’s attention right away, all the beautiful colors PLUS things to click on…. Jonah was hooked! I think his favorite thing right now is petting clifford… The thumping back leg sets off giggles that you wouldn’t believe.

The major benefit (for us as parents) is the fact that we don’t necessarily have to hover over him, making sure that he is staying on pages we approve of (like I said… he’s really good with a mouse). He has a good sense of independence and we’re free to let him be for a while.

Thank you so much for this opportunity to say Thank you for creating this wonderful tool!
Jonah Freeman and his Mom, Dani


My son who has low functioning autism, he is non verbal, severe global delay and adhd which is off the scales.

He is very luck to have been provided by a charity a smart board and he uses Zac browser all the time, its a fabulous programme that he can easily navigate around the site. It also holds his concentration brilliantly and it also gives him Independence to do what he likes on the site and above all i know he is safe on there. So thank you to John for his amassing site and all his staff that work on it, you give him Independence and skills he may never had had.

Thank you,
Karen Clive


I just wanted to say that I think Zac Browser is a wonderful tool. I have two young sons, one with an ADHD diagnosis and the other with an autism diagnosis. They both love to play on Zac Browser! It is amazing and I think it is a wonderful tool for helping special needs kids!

Deidre Kasey


My son LOVES Zac Browser! He used it at school this past year and learned all these new songs on it. I asked his teacher if they were learning new songs and she told me about Zac Browser. I downloaded it and he has been enjoying it at home now too. He especially loves the video clips. He plays the Hippo and Dog over and over :) I don’t mind it though because I enjoy all the songs/videos too. Even my 2 year old is getting in on the act. I caught him moving the PC mouse around trying to get a Zac Browser video to play.

What a wonderful blessing to have this site and not worry about what he might find on the internet.

Thank you!
Susan Humphrey


I have to give John and his ZAC Browser many thanks for the friendships and the constant flow of information, insight and thought provoking discussions among people who don’t just study Autism, but live with it.

My son, Connor, is 15 and has Asperger’s. It is really becoming scary for us wondering what his adult life holds for him. When/will he get to drive?

Will can he be successful in college? He wants so badly to get a job and it hurts so bad to try to explain to him that he really doesn’t have the skills or concentration it takes for the jobs he wants to pursue. The information here has helped put some of these issues into a better perspective for me.

We have found support from John and all of my wonderful new friends and I would like to give a huge THANK YOU to all! It is sad, but yet such a comfort, to know that we are not alone in this.

De Lyn Wolcott


My son Ryan is on the ASD spectrum. He has always been interested in the computer and the cbeebies website etc. However he would ask for it and want to watch me play the games etc. as he couldn’t do it himself. With the Zac Browser, there are no written instructions and he can do everything himself by using the mouse and clicking on the links. He LOVES the Zac browser and can’t get enough of it. There are so many things on it that he never gets bored with it and he is learning so much. Because he is a visual learner and doesn’t do well with written instructions with the Zac Browser he is able to do everything and this is giving him lots of confidence and enjoyment.

Thank you so much for Zac Browser!!

It has made a massive difference- and he no longer throws the computer on the floor in frustration, because now he CAN do it!!!

Thank you so much
Fran McGowan


My child is 9years old he is server autistic, adhd, develop mentally delayed, also has PICA disease he first came to me at the age of 6 being a fostered child.

In the 3 years I have learnt that his special interest are visual stimulation and when I came across this Zac browser I couldn’t believe my luck my child couldn’t sit still for longer than 2 minutes he first started out just clicking on any thing and every thing that was ok he now sits for 1/2 hr at each session and loves it I cant not tell you what a difference it has made to my life to finally have 1/2hr to prepare the dinner every night and also he is learning he enjoys the matching games he enjoys the TV program where he can change what movie he wants every second look its just so great I would live with out it now.

Glenda Peters


I would like to tell you how exciting i am to know that you will launch a new site.

I am a (french canadian, that explains my poor english…) mother of a 7 year old autistic boy. My Jérémy is a non-verbal, he has very severe autism. It is very difficult to find activities that he likes or enjoys.

But the day that he discovered Zac Browser was like a miracle! Seriously! He would play at the computer normally, by himself and for once without getting frustrated… he was so happy. He spent a lot of time playing it and it gave us (brother, sister and parents)some time to rest without tantrums or other difficult situations..

He doesn’t play anymore because, he obviously played many times all the games or videos on the zac browser and finally got bored. We never found a site or game that he liked that much, you guys really get what our autistic children need to have fun…., and this is a HARD thing to do.

I want to thank you for the first zac Browser site and to thank you sooo much if you make a new one.

Isabelle Poitras


My daughter Sophie is 11 years old. She was diagnosed with autism at age 6. I found the ZacBrowser through Facebook and downloaded it onto her computer.

After I played around with it for a little while, with Sophie watching, she sat down and took off. She discovered easy access to many of her favorite games from her favorite websites, clips from her favorite movies, and tried many new games and listening to new songs. She likes leaving the fish up on her computer sometimes just to pretend she has a fish tank.

I like the ZacBrowser because I know that no matter what Sophie clicks on when she plays with it, she will never see anything she shouldn’t. It has proven to be a good way for Sophie to safely be on the internet. I’m not worried about her purposefully going some place she shouldn’t. I’m worried about her clicking on something accidentally and ZacBrowser prevents that from happening. Thank you John LeSieur for creating and sharing ZacBrowser with all of us.

Rev. Jeannette Solimine
Colfax, WA


We wishing you every success and hoping this website will greatly helpfull to the others like we experienced it.

Best Regards,


I am the proud mommy to two autistic angels:

Thomas, 8 and

Victoria, 5.

I discovered your site a while back after hearing about it on my local news. My kids both use it, and I feel they have benefit greatly from it.Victoria likes to find the ingredients in the Dora the Explorer kitchen, Thomas likes to create stories with Super Why. It is a great, safe, family friendly and family interactive site.

I have told everyone at my children’s speech therapy about it, I also have an online support group and I have posted your information there as well.I will try to include a picture of them, but sometimes my pictures do not come through well.

Best Regards,
Krista Shackleford


My name is Monica Bekkers and I have two children with ASD. They both use Zac Browser everyday, because of this they are advancing more rapidly with speech and learning. It also has been a great source of entertainment for them both. My Aspergers son Andrew is learning to sound out words and even read them because of your wonderful application. And my classic autistic boy has learnt to count and sing. Thank you, John, for making our lives richer and fuller.

With love,
Monica Bekkers


Thanks to the brilliance of Mr LeSieur we now have a calm time in our home while our autistic son dwelves in the online land via zac browser. Thanks and kudos to John and Zac Browser.

Katrina Malone


My name is Monica Bekkers and I have two children with ASD. They both use Zac Browser everyday, because of this they are advancing more rapidly with speech and learning. It also has been a great source of entertainment for them both. My Aspergers son Andrew is learning to sound out words and even read them because of your wonderful application. And my classic autistic boy has learnt to count and sing. Thank you, John, for making our lives richer and fuller.

With love,
Monica Bekkers


Just wanting to let you know how Zac Browser has helped our family and enriched my daughter’s life.

Isabella (my daughter) was officially diagnosed a little over 12months ago as being on the ‘higher end of the Autism scale’.

With Bella starting school this year and now living in an age where computers are so common place on every level we decided that Bella should have some exposure to computers and the Internet before she started school so that she would be at least prepared when the time came for her to use one in school.

It was while looking around on the Internet for something that was useful for children to use that I came across Zac Browser and all that it offered a child with Autism.

Since beginning to use Zac Browser Bella’s confidence in using a computer has increased significantly to where she is able to access it herself. The programs she has access to through this medium have helped with her ability to learn numbers, identify objects that are found in common situations and her alphabet as well as problem solving.

With all this from just one program, it has been more than helpful for us to be able to help Bella succeed in getting part way through her first year of education at the same rate as her peers that do not have her diagnosis.

And as a mother to know that her daughter is not only being able to see her daughter meet the challenges of expectations needed of her but to excel in them there could be no greater joy.

So thank-you John, and your team for all the hard work and no doubt tireless hours you put in to help children and families like mine that have been touched by Autism have such a wonderful result.

Wishing you every success with the up-coming launch on Zac Browser and all other endeavors that you undertake in the years ahead.

Yours sincerely,
Priscilla St.John , Mother of Isabella (6 yrs)
Melbourne, Australia


I work with special needs students from age 4 to 22 in 3 school districts. When I was told about this web site it was tremendous! All these activities are just a click away. Let’s face it kid’s attention spans vary and you don’t want to loose them! The aquarium main page catches everyone’s attention.

I also enjoyed the addition of new short movies so that we weren’t seeing the same ones all the time. This site is great for any student regardless of their special need or even if they are not special needs students.



I am ever so excited to share details concerning my children’s use of the ZAC browser how it affects their ability to surf the net but also leaves me at ease.

As an avid autism advocate, parent, and friend, I am proud to be in on the ground floor of this project and fully support the ZAC browser. See, this is no longer your normal Internet and the Autism community is speaking out in the cyber world. Internet networking has come a long way in addition to the types of services, ways in which we gather knowledge to take a stand for or against Autism. Alone, we can take a stand but together; Together we can make a difference.

I rest assured in the knowledge that ZAC browser is receiving stellar reviews. Upon downloading the browser, all of those months ago, I was surprised at the ease of use. My children are both on the spectrum and prefer the use of ZAC over any other Internet access. For my son, who happens to love fish, he appreciates the underwater theme on the main menu. Both my daughter and son have spent countless hours using ZAC browser to access the Internet to be educated while being entertained. I fully support ZAC browser as a parent of two children on the Autism spectrum because I know there are no pop ups, no overstimulating advertisements loaded within the frames on the screen. The interaction is between ZAC and child. I want to commend it’s creator John LeSieur on a job well done.

Thank you for creating ZAC browser! :)
Ricka Lynn Plourde


Gabriel who is 5 years old in the back. Gabriel was diagnosed with autism at the age of two and we have been doing everything we can for him. He has come so far and one of the tools we have used is the ZAC Browser. Getting him on the computer and having access to all the wonderful links that ZAC Browser has to offer has been instrumental in his development. Not only has it taught him how to use a computer, it has helped with his hand – eye coordination, his memory skills, problem solving skills and using his imagination. All this wrapped up in a safe to use package which allows me to feel safe, not only because it ensures that he cant get to any sites that are not appropriate, it affords me the security in knowing that he cant get out of the program and inadvertently do any damage to my computer by clicking on things outside the program.

I cannot say enough good things about the ZAC Browser, I tell everyone I know about it, all the parents of the children in his classroom, our reps at Easter Seals, our reps at Capital Autism Services, and all my friends who have small kids, it is the perfect program for any young child that is wanting to get on the computer, its safe, easy and the perfect avenue for any child to get exposure to the computer, keyboard, mouse and Internet. I cannot wait for version 1.5 to come out and to see all the wonderful things I am sure are to come.

With my deepest gratitude,
Rob, Gabriel, and Brennan Warren
Folsom Ca


She was diagnosed with autism at age 3. She has been using the Zac browser for the past 18 months. In those 18 months she has really emerged as verbal and the Zac browser has allowed her the freedom to explore the internet as she was ready, as an independent child, not always needing someone to help, not always having someone make choices for her. She finally had freedom, and I knew she was safe. She loves to go and play Super Why games after school and she can find them without any help at all.

She can ask for her ‘under the sea’ as she calls it, and we know what she wants, and she is completing educational activities safely.

The Zac browser allows her to not only do the same old, but explore new ideas when it is safe and ready for her. But the fact the she can do it on her own means the world to me….and I know she loves it too.

Thank you…or as Eowyn says, gank you berry much
Sarah Seymour
Alberta Canada


The Zac Browser programme is the first thing my son Liam points to when he opens the laptop, he is 2 years old and has Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Liam has learned how to use the touch pad on the laptop through wanting to go on Zac Browser and really enjoys playing games such as Dora’s recipe game, he has even learnt the word “Dora” through playing this game, it has taught him to look in different places for things he needs for ingredients, for example in the fridge and in the cupboard, also he has learnt that he needs to find the ingredients that is shown on the picture, with Liam having little understanding of verbal instructions I was very pleased that he learnt to do this all by himself.

Liam also enjoys watching certain DVD clips over and over the Zac Browser has many short clips of popular children’s movies/cartoons that Liam can play over and over.

Liam can sit for hours playing on the Zac Browser due to the many features that it has and is more than happy to do so and the best thing is that he even interacts with myself as he likes us both to sit together and play on the Zac Browser, this is especially good as Liam doesn’t usually like sharing things with other people. The Zac browser is a fantastic programme which I have recommended to others with children with Autism and also professionals that work with Liam who have been very interested and have looked into it.

Shannon McAuley & Liam J


My name is Shawn Low and I am the proud father of Dakota. Dakota will be 5 years old in Aug. and has been a huge fan of Zac Browser for over a year now. Dakota was diagnosed with Autism at 2 ½ and is on a recovery path due to tools such as Zac Browser.

I can not recall were we first heard about Zac Browser, however, I do know that our son has learned to count, sing songs, play games and improved his academic knowledge base tremendously thanks to playing Zac Browser everyday.

Dakota eats 2 meals a day while on Zac Browser and he loves it. He is able to concentrate and stay engaged for over 1 hr. while on Zac Browser and now can navigate a regular web browser.

The skills he has learned from Zac Browser and the benefit we have received as a family are immeasurable, and we thank God everyday that we found out about this wonderful and amazing resource. We tell every one we know about Zac Browser, including parents with typical kids.

Shawn Low


My son LOVES Zac Browser! He used it at school this past year and learned all these new songs on it.

I asked his teacher if they were learning new songs and she told me about Zac Browser. I downloaded it and he has been enjoying it at home now too. He especially loves the video clips. He plays the Hippo and Dog over and over :) I don’t mind it though because I enjoy all the songs/videos too.

Even my 2 year old is getting in on the act. I caught him moving the PC mouse around trying to get a Zac Browser video to play. What a wonderful blessing to have this site and not worry about what he might find on the internet.

Thank you!
Susan Humphrey


I am a grandmother of a wonderful, amazing, handsome 8 yr old Autistic grandson. I also work as a Para-professional at a school with Autistic children ages 6-12. The students in the class room are low to high functioning.

When John LeSieur promoted the Zac Browser, I let my grandson try it out. He loved it. I went to work and the computers we have in our classroom have the Internet. I downloaded the Zac Browser on the computers.

The students earn computer time though out the day. They love the Zac Browser’s games, movies, music and stories. What I personally like about the web-site is it keeps them focused on a certain game or story. They smile and dance when the music is played. What is on the Zac Browser is for all functioning Autistic children.

I just want to thank everyone involved with the Zac Browser. You all are awesome!!!
Susan Straughn


My name is Tina Williams, and I work with differently disabled children both through an early intervention program and through my church. I have been a mouthpiece for Zac Browser both to parents of children with autism and teachers in the public school system who work with these wonderful children.

My friend, who is a teacher, uses Zac Browser as a reward system in her classroom for good behavior! I look forward to reading all of the tremendous testimonies to this hugely successful program!

Tina K Williams


My son is eight years old and has the Autism Spectrum Disorder. I introduced him to your program and I have never seen him so interested in the computer the way has now. He will say ‘Can I see the fishes please’ I know that’s my cue to put on Zac Browser. He can navigate the program very well with out my help and he enjoys it so much.

Awesome work Developers you have a winner in my book!!!!

Sandy Moats-Horner


I would like to tell you about two boys, brothers who I have cared for this past two years. Dustin and Shawn are brothers with Dustin at the time being two years old turning three while his brother Shawn was ten years old. Both boys have forms of Asperger’s Syndrome which is a high functioning form of Autism. I should mention that I too have Asperger’s Syndrome and over the years have came not only to understand the condition but have came two work with what differences I have. The two boys along with their mother live next door to me and one day was asked if I would mind watching them since they had been over before playing with my grand children. Their mother knowing I have seven children now grown of my own and some 14 grand children had seen that I was good with kids and came to find out that the sitter she had was having problems with the boys. Shawn at the time in a third grade special educational program (which personally didn’t seem to do very much from what I saw of it), while Dustin still in diapers speaking only maybe six words but mostly grunting for what he would want or scream when frustrated.

I began working with Dustin with a V-Tech Tot and Go laptop that we got him for a Christmas present. Showing him how to operate the toy he seemed to enjoy it but found it to be limited at times, frustrating him. Then I came across Zac Browser through doing some internet searching for things for him to do on my computer. I read that it was safe, that it had a lot of good write ups on it. Downloading the quick launch Icon I started it up. The fish swimming around quickly caught Dustin’s eye as he loves fish came over to see it with me. I then began clicking on some of the different things to see what was available. As I did it seemed to interest him and after a few minutes decided to load it on an older system I had, turned him loose with it.

Dustin would sit there for hours in front of the system at times watching some of the videos yet for the most part playing the music or some of the games that he quickly caught on to. Surprisingly when it came time for his mother to pick them up he would cry wanting to stay. The following day she asked again if I would watch them, and from that point on began watching the boys on a regular basis. Within a week of him sitting there playing began pointing wanting to come over to our place every time they would walk out of their place. I explained to her what I was doing and what seemed to be not only entertaining to him but seemed to be helping him in gaining knowledge. Unfortunately I have to say that at the time she didn’t seem that interested stating that she had been told he had other issues and probably wouldn’t even be able to start school for some years till they determined what was wrong with him.

Within a month Dustin began to mimic the things being said on a couple of the song programs saying his ABC, s and the vowel’s song. He began naming colors and shapes pointing to the monitor when he would say them. Within only six months he was counting, naming colors, shapes, and was saying his ABC’s though still having a little trouble with some of the sounds they were there and understandable. I as well had managed to potty break him with of all things setting the potty down in front of a little table while he would be playing on Zac. When he would go he would then tell me and I would give him a treat as a reward. His mother naturally still had doubts about anything saying that he didn’t show any of that at home however was thankful about potty training him. I began to have a schedule set that when he came over he would be allowed to play on the computer for a while, have a treat or lunch then nap. After he would wake about the time his brother would come home they would both have snacks, with Dustin going back on the computer playing Zac till dinner after that would be getting cleaned up and a movie before time for their mother to come home.

I noticed Shawn too was interested in Zac and at times there was an argument as to who could be on the system. Resolving that problem I let Shawn begin playing on my main computer while Dustin would play on the older one. Soon the two boys where trying to see who could go the fastest on the match games and a few others. I noticed that as Shawn played more on Zac Browser that he seemed more calm, relaxed and of course I would always comment on how good they were doing no matter what it was.

I mentioned Zac Browser to his teacher one day when I had gone up to pick him up from school as he didn’t feel good. I noticed that in the class they were using computers as a learning tool for the students. I explained to her that I had been letting him play on it, that it seemed to make a difference in how he responded and behaved. I explained that it was making a very big difference in Dustin and how much he had learned in such a short time. It wasn’t long after that I had been at the school again when she told me that she had it on a couple of the computers and that she liked it very much too.

This year, marks a little over two years of caring for the boys. Their mother didn’t think that Dustin would be ready for kindergarten this year however I told her that I was not only sure he was ready but that he would surpass their test. I am proud to say that Dustin will be entering kindergarten this year; he not only passed the required testing they have here but surpassed them as I had thought he would! Counting up to 100, saying all his ABC’s, being able to write his name (which I did help him learn to do that), spell his name on the computer with no problem, recognized letters of the alphabet when asked, knew his address, knew all the required colors and more, knew all the required shapes and more. His mother came back thanking me again and was still very surprised that he could do all that as she hadn’t really seen or noticed it in their home. Shawn I am proud to say is going into sixth grade this school year. He has an exceptional reading, spelling, and math level. His teacher, the bus driver, and the aids that work with him have stated they haven’t had issues with him in a very long time. I hear only good remarks and reports out of all of them about him.

I won’t say that Zac Browser is the answer to all, however I highly recommend it not only to parent’s of Autistic children but to any parent who would like to give their child and educational advantage through of all things playing on the computer! Learning can be fun especially when it is made to seem like a game made just for them with endless things for them to be able to do! I found it to be one of the best tools available and above all FREE! All you need is a computer with internet access and you have the perfect learning tool and teaching aid for any child.

Neal, Dustin, and Shawn

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