Our Story

Our Story

Zac Browser
We have created ZAC Browser out of a deeply felt need of our own. In 2002 we were blessed with a beautiful grandson, Zackary. At an early age Zackary began displaying classic signs of a pervasive development disorder (PDD) and was diagnosed as severely autistic in 2005. We have the deepest love for our daughter and grandson and it is out of this heartfelt emotion that we used our talent to tailor a web browser specifically for Zackary and children facing similar development disorders of the brain.

Kidz Cyber Discovery
In our first release of Zac Browser we were amazed that our grandson Zackary was able to play freely within the browser. His mother continually told us how Zac Browser tremendously helped to calm him and how his use of the software made him much less violent in his interactions with others and with objects… a HUGE triumph for her every day!

Zac Browser
When this amazing door opened to our family, it was obvious that this fantastic playground of Zackary’s was meant to be shared with the world. Zac Browser version 1 was installed more than 3.2 Million times around the world and we took our success very seriously. Over the course of the past few years we have worked on a new version that would provide more flexibility, reach more devices and be able to offer Zac Browser in more languages.

Zackary's Playground
On behalf of our family and especially Zackary “Welcome to Zackary’s New Playground! – ZAC Browser Gold”. Our hope is that your family will experience the same peace and freedom that our family now enjoys!

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